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Interior Valeting

  • All soft furnishing vacuumed.
  • All hard areas including celling, sides floor, doors, cupboards are steam cleaned (this sanitize the surface and removes any dirt or mold ).
  • Cupboards emptied cleaned and re arranged.
  • Carpets and upholstery are shampooed using and extraction machine.
  • All hard areas are polished.
  • All glass cleaned.

Boat Wash and Shampoo

  • All external areas washed thoroughly
  • Non slip decks cleaned
  • Deck drains and gunnels cleared
  • Windows drains cleared
  • Glass dried and watermarks removed from stainless fittings/rails etc.


Jetwashing to remove old antifouling material. Removing organic matter with jet wash equipment to restore the surfaces and get rid of drag inducing vegetation. This is best done as soon as possible before the vegetation can dry out. Remaining material may be removed using abrasives/sanding with care.

Antifouling Paint, there are many types to choose from, depending on what type of boat is being painted, seagoing, river and lake vessels, or powerboats – high-speed hulls will require a hardened paint, selecting the correct coating is very important. Emms Marine Valeting will advise and supply the correct materials for the task.

Application of Antifouling Paint, once the preparation is completed, and the appropriate surfaces have been masked off the paint can be applied.

Machine Polishing

Machine Polishing to restore the high gloss finish on your fibreglass boatsurfaces which in turn will enhance performance, reduce drag and improve its appearance dramatically.

When the surface has been brought back to a high gloss shine it is wise to coat it with a high-end wax polish or sealant to make sure that it stays in pristine condition for as long as possible.

Emms Mobile Marine Services specialise in Machine Polishing and Sealing, the team understand that every boater has a unique requirement, accordingly, they are happy to assess your boat size and condition and provide detailed information and quote for the service as required.

Machine Compounding

Fibreglass boats that are heavily soiled will need more than a marine shampoo, Emms Mobile Marine Valeting Service will advise what materials to use and how to use them. To protect delicate areas and seals always work top down, i.e. highest point to lowest and rinse carefully. Where there is an ingrained stain or a tough cleaning requirement a gel may be required, the professionals at Emms will be happy to advise.


Polishing and applying compound will protect the fibreglass surfaces of your boat. Using an abrasive rubbing compound will enable the removal of any minor oxidation from the gel coat and deal with scratches and another surface marking.


However, the compound is abrasive and must be done with great care and only when required to reduce the risk of permanent damage being inflicted. Various compounds, polishing materials and methods are available and professional guidance is available from Emms Mobile Marine Valeting Services.